Photo shoot art direction
CD and LP design
Creative conceptual work
Digital illustration/manipulation
Concept development/art direction
Creative strategy
Creative execution
Campaign consistency
Art direction and oversight
Left-field thinking
Expect the unexpected

Art Director. Graphic Designer.
Creative Strategist. Good Dude.

Hi, I’m Ron!


I’ve been in the creative, design, and communications biz for over twenty years, working on everything from case-of-beer logos for my pals to multi-million dollar, multi-year campaigns for Fortune 500 clients. 

I’ve spent the majority of my career in
the niche trenches—high tech startups, big pharma, internal communications—occasionally coming up for air to do some good ol’ B2B/B2C marketing and advertising work. Corporate identities, packaging, UI/UX, video… I’ve pretty much done it all.

Jack of all trades…
Master of some.

In every case my approach has been the same: listen, learn, dream, design, solve. The process is really that simple. 

But simple can be really hard.

That’s where I rely on my years of experience, the breadth and scope of the amazing clients and peers I’ve been fortunate to work with over the years, my neverending education and training, my ever-growing and evolving skillset, my natural talent, and, perhaps most importantly, my intuition and my gut.

I’ve got really good problem-solving instincts.

Carrie Tibbs, Account Director

I have worked with Ron for 10+ years and what an incredible 10 years it has been. Ron has always been my go-to guy for art direction, concept development, strategy, and graphic design. His experience and talent is unmatched. He has such great vision! He is quick to think through concepts and provide them on-demand especially when under pressure with the client in front of him. He’s a great guy to collaborate with and really thinks through the creative process (and will take you on that journey); his ego is always checked at the door. You can count on him to deliver a strong presentation to clients that is strategic, engaging, and full of passion. On photo shoots he envisions what he wants and is quick to pull it all together while also solving any expected issues that may pop up. He always ensures a great photo is captured and the needs of the project are met. I highly recommend Ron.

What's the word on the street?

Jodi Szimanski, Sr. Communications Manager

Ron has a brilliant mind for concepts. He seems to have an endless stream of ideas for even the most boring topics… He pushes his creative limits while working to improve the processes that will keep a client happy, account managers and project managers happy as well as his teammates.

Kate Krumm, Communicator, Writer, Change Strategist

Ron's strengths lie in his creative direction, conceptual vision and intelligent strategies. His ability to combine our clients' goals with his creative vision is what has contributed to the immense success of our accounts.

Regardless if we are on a photo shoot, in a client meeting, sharing creative ideas or discussing the next year's program ideas, Ron exhibits a great deal of professionalism and respect for all those around him—from the client to co-workers to our vendors. 

Anyone would be fortunate to work with an Art Director of his caliber.